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My first blogpost

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Hello, welcome to my Blog.

I am a versatile business management leader, with more than 25 years of experience in setting up & managing businesses across diverse range of industry domains. Have handled varied roles like Sales & Marketing, Business Planning, New product development & deployments, Business Development, Channel Management, and Strategic Alliances, Operations Management, Customer Experience Management, P&L Management.I have strong techno-commercial, Management consulting, as well as P&L skill sets.

Hands on experience in starting new business operations right from inception, developing them and converting them as profit centres.

l had started Management Consulting in 2014.To strengthen the consulting practice, I have  teamed up with industry experts  and started With the collaborative strength, I am focussed on leveraging the wealth of industry experience in technology, strategic business management , digital marketing,  financial planning , training and people management, for contributing towards the growth of SME/SMBs.

I would be blogging about  the viable solutions that could be used by the SME/SMB community which would help them to accomplish their business & revenue goals.

Report from market research firm Zinnov says small and medium businesses present a lucrative opportunity of $11.6 billion (about Rs 71,300 crore) in 2015 and $25.8 billion in 2020. As per the report, India has nearly 51 million such businesses, of which only 12 million have a high degree of technology influence and are looking to adopt new innovative business solutions.

In this Blog ,I am covering the 3 Ps model approach- Product/Services, People & Process.

Product/Services-  In the ever changing market dynamics , the SME/SMBs should  identify the need of the customer & deliver their product/service .The products/service delivered should add value/benefit to the customer. They should seek  their customer feedback  and add more value added features to their existing products/services or add new products/services or innovate to create their USP. They could also exercise the option of collaboration with an overseas SME who have complementary product/services mix which would expedite the time to market to launch differentiated products/services.

People- The  majority of SME/SMBs  have realized the value of trained & skilled human resource power . They have started imparting  effective soft skills, sales,leadership , Management & team building  skills training to enable the teams to understand the vision & mission and manage conflict and work as a cohesive team to reach the business goals faster. The Leadership teams have started using the services  of external  Management consultant or Business Coach or Part time CEO to expedite  reaching their goals .

Process- SME/SMBs can use technology & IT products that include mobility, analytics, social media and cloud  based ERP /CRM in order to increase their customer reach, manage customer relationships better, and ensure efficiency in their operations.  Social media is an effective tool  which will help to reach & engage with your customers.

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