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Business Growth Facilitation Workshop

SME – Business Growth Facilitation  Workshop


We interact with many SMEs & Business Entrepreneurs   through MSME , various SME Associations, Business Networking Groups & Startup Groups .

Based on our interactions, through our  SME Growth Workshops & Business Consulting assignments,  we have analyzed that  there are four main pain points which are common across different industries & across various segments.

  • Leadership & Management
  • Marketing & Sales .
  • Building & Retaining Productive Teams
  • Finance

We address the above pain areas & help facilitate to resolve the pain areas by conducting SME- Business Growth Facilitation Workshops & Business Growth Consulting services.

SME- Business Growth Facilitation Workshop Agenda

  1. Leadership & Management
  • Vision & Mission
  • The Powerful Why- Purpose?
  • Business  Strategies
  • Management  Strategies
  1. Building & Retaining Productive Teams
  • Role, Responsibility Matrix
  • Review & Remuneration Matrix
  • SWOT
  • Competency & Culture
  1. Marketing & Sales
  • Is your website a 24x7 virtual sales executive/engine?
  • Your ideal Customer Avataar.
  • Right Product positioning to your Target Customers.
  • Sales Closure Techniques
  1. Finance
  • MSME Registrations –Udyog Aadhaar .
  • Funding support through various MSME Schemes.
  • Tax Planning & Savings- Professional & Personal

Methodology of  SME- Business Growth Facilitation Workshop.

  • We conduct a One day SME- BGF Workshop for a select batch of 25 SMEs & Business Entrepreneurs, who have a passion to Grow their Business.
  • We cover the concepts, facilitate interactions and provide solutions for Business Growth.
  • We will provide Business Templates & help the SMEs & Business Entrepreneur to map the solutions aligning with their product/services or segments.

SME BGF workshop conducted on 15th Mar 2019

BGF programme

To participate in the next upcoming SME-BGF Growth Facilitation Workshop in Mysore, please send a mail to  (or) call on Mr. Samuel @ 9008457064 / Mr. Rajeevan @ 98458 21453

Knowledge Partners for conducting Digital Marketing Workshops for MSME- DI Bangalore.
Digital Marketing session at the Export Marketing Workshop conducted jointly by FKCCI & MSME- Bangalore

Rapid Business Growth Platform & Support Services

We work with Business Stakeholders closely, we know that they want to focus and concentrate on their Business Growth. However, in reality, they get busy with managing day-to-day operational issues. It lead to stress when they realize that they are lagging or not been able to meet their various business goals business growth plans.

For various obvious reasons, Business Owners cannot even discuss their various issues related to business breakdowns, Business Strategies, Leadership Strategies, Operational Strategies, Financial Strategies and IT Strategies with their friends or family members or even business friends.

Business Owners, generally do connect with various Business Networking groups and try to get answers or solutions for their various business related issues eventually to witness no right solutions towards success and growth. Even though they get some leads or references for their business development, they normally do not get total support to address their various business challenges.

When the saga so continues, few realize that they have no other option than to reach out the relevant domain experts and thought leaders to resolve their problems faster than ever, to grow themselves faster. However, even after reaching a Domain Expert or a Thought Leader they find it not feasible to engage with the expert services because of affordability issues. In short, whenever they want to reach out to the right Domain Experts or Thought Leaders individually, for certain, they have to spend a lot of time, money and energy for it. This would make such effort impossible and futile. They thus miss the excellent opportunity to GROW RAPIDLY.

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