We SME Consultants under Sales & Marketing Consulting provide the following services

  • Review your existing Sales & Marketing Plans.
  • Review/Implement your Web presence strategies.
  • Internet/Web/Digital Marketing-SEO/SEM/PPC

Digital Marketing Services-Digital Marketing – (Internet Marketing or Web Marketing) is one of the fastest growing marketing channel which is also the most effective & economical. Compared to the conventional marketing the internet marketing is quite inexpensive. Internet marketing gives you the best ROI in the shortest period of time, hence this is one of the most viable marketing stream for SME / SMBs.

Social Media Strategy Development & Deployment – The present day customers largely constitute online population who explore the internet to identify genuine and competitive vendors /e-com market places to purchase online. This has propelled the culture of online marketing.

Social networking website Facebook’s Indian user base has grown by 5.6% from 118 million monthly active users (MAUs) in Q4 2014 (December 2014) to 125 million MAUs in Q1 2015 (March 2015), out of which 114 million were mobile MAUs. Facebook India’s daily active users (DAUs) are at 59 million in Q1, up from 55 million in Q4, out of which 53 million DAUs come through mobile (as opposed to 49 million DAUs in Q4), accounting for over 89.8% of Facebook’s daily traffic as of March 2015. One of the core requirements for successful sustenance today is to achieve online and offline brand identity. Online promotion is a professional task and can be better achieved with the help of Social Media Consultants.

Our services include:

  • Social Media Policy & Strategy development
  • Social Media profile creation
  • Social Media profile maintenance
  • Creation of Personal Branding
  • Social Media Training