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Formulae to create sustainable business while improving brand value

NuSocia is a Strategic CSR Design and Research Organization founded by Ms. Manju Menon. SME Consultants have partnered with NuSocia to provide Strategic CSR design as an offering for SMEs.

We advise and provide implementation support to help SMEs and SME leaders to pursue their social vision and at the same time , leverage that to make their business sustainable and improve brand value.

What is Strategic CSR and why should it matter to SMEs?

Strategic CSR is incorporating Corporate social responsibility perspective in your organization’s strategy planning and core operations. It makes much more sense for SMEs to adopt strategic CSR because of following reasons:

  • Being in business / Grow in business :  Increasingly large MNCs who are clients/ potential clients of SMEs are using CSR practices as an area of vendor selection, ceteris peribus. In such a scenario, no SME who is looking to grow and expand can afford to not undertake CSR. Therefore the sales department can fund CSR.
  • Creates Brand Value: Strategic CSR helps create a brand identity for a firm – which is beyond mere product or price. In a world, where offerings are becoming increasingly commoditised; strategic CSR provides an opportunity for the firms to differentiate themselves. Marketing funds available as part of the annual budgets of SMEs can thus be a source to CSR funding.
  • Engage employees – Strategic CSR provides opportunity for a firm to improve engagement of their employees with the company and taking pride in their organization being a socially responsible organization. It is needless to say, that an engaged employee gives higher productivity; funds for CSR can thus come from HR function.
  • Engage dealers and customers – Strategic CSR provides platform for a firm to engage their stakeholders in the business, beyond transactions. Engaged dealers and customers mean more repeat business. Funds for CSR can thus come from Sales function.

For SMEs, thereby Strategic CSR should not be a matter of choice but the way of doing business. Best part being that once it is in built in strategy, it doesn’t come as a cost or once a year activity. Any SME leader, once they set their heart right on working on a social issue they care deeply about – there are many modes in which the funds can be sourced and even more ways in which that monetary resources can be best utilised.

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We will get in touch with you to get an insight of your product/services & business operations and advice you the right strategic CSR model which will facilitate business sustainability and improve your brand value.